08 February 2012

it's february dude !


yeah february. some of you might know that i have already resigned. i don't care what people say bout me when i can't take over this job seriously. i don't regret but only a feeling of dismay when i had to separate with my colleagues. we were just about to get close then i had to quit.

on my last day of working, i wore baju kurung. after a long time of wearing t-shirt with pant or maxi skirt or slack, i wore baju kurung. my supervisor pun macam pelik je tengok. btw, i bought a cake and brought it to taska. just a Season cake. enough for umi only. hehehe. and i brought my camera as well and we captured lotsss of pictures.

u know, since i was working there, i could feel one or two of them yang pandang serong dekat aku. i meant, she looked at me then when i looked back, she turned around. nak berbual, jarang sekali. but there was one time aku tegur dia, haa nasib baik reti berbual dengan aku. but only that. then, jarang nak berbual even when we sat next to each other. just senyum then looked at those kids yang tengah playing around. masalah tau kalau takda chemistry ni !

a picture tells a thousand stories.

i miss this boy like crazy. walaupun terpaling degil, tapi dialah yang paling aku sayang. hai ammar !

iqbal hakimy. this baby kan is sooooo damn cute. dalam gambar tak nampak his long eyelashes yang macam perempuan. and we used to call him kereta kebal. 

my supervisor [the middle one] sebenarnya tengah sembunyikan anak dia yang tengah melalak bagai nak gila dekat belakang dia. kelakar okay. actually got another one staff but she went back early.

this one. kak mala. i like her name. she's pregnant. see, betapa aku excited dengan preggy woman. aku pernah pegang perut dia time baby tendang. best ! and she's very youngggg. she's 20 this year. 

ini bilik permainan. untung jaga bilik atas. 

nasib baik kek dia sedap. 

okay, later when i get my car license, insyaAllah nak menjenguk ke sana. and kak fiza, the only one lady who hasn't get married yet said 'ana, nanti akak nak kawin, akak call ana jadi pengapit akak! '. okay cun kak! 

hmm, i think i am missing them to call me 'ana' again.

pssst ! now i know why did i feel so hard to handle these brother and sister. 

iman and ammar.

because they both got
2 pusar. patutlah nakal semacam ! urut dada menjaga diorang ni. sekarang ni check kepala korang ada berapa pusar?


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Kina Kinot said...

Aku dua pusar . tapi aku baik je. im the only exception...hehehe