27 September 2011

in the making of kek batik


as you see the title, i baked a cake. this is my second attempt in baking cake. my first try was chocolate cake and it didnt turn out as what i wish. since then, im not interested to bake a cake. but once you are craving for something, im pretty sure that you would do anything to fulfill what you are wished for. 

like i did. i craved kek batik since last month. so i google the recipe from a blogger and gotcha bebeh. i called my dad to buy some ingredients and by 6 o'clock, i started being a so-called chef [ceittt]. it took only an hour to get it done. at least, for me la. dont know bout you guys. let the pictures do the talking. 

but its ok. this cake is made by me. somehow, homemade is good enough for you. im satisfied. then joe asked to bring some on wednesday. okay. let them be the judges tomorrow. 

so, my second attempt is way better than my first though its taste doesnt the same like yours. 


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