30 November 2011

tell the world that i am officially a school leaver


bukan nak bangga sangat bila dah habis sekolah ni. bosan ! but it is okay. 

harini memang akan jadi sejarah. takkan lupakan all the jazarians. all the things that we had gone through, be it happy or sad moment. thank you. 

lepas submit paper 3 biology, rasa sebak pula bila invigilator tu pesan macam macam lepas dah habis sekolah ni. rasa macam unbelievable that i am no longer a school student. bila masa nak pakai baju sekolah ni lagi after 11 years jadi uniform tetap. 

then, gg as the class monitor menggunakan duit kelas buat nasi ayam. then khusnul invited all the jazarians to her house [tho only some who came] to have a party. okay penipu party. just a small celebration before each of us step into a new phase of life : further study, inshaAllah. it was a happy moment. 

her mee goreng was so pedas tapi sedap so takpe lah. then gelak ketawa bagai nak gila sebab tak payah fikirkan buku for a while. berbual, berborak, bercerita, bergurau senda, ber-photoshoot, bermakan dan beria. the best part when dyna, zira and along volunteer untuk dicontengkan baju dan tudung mereka sebagai kenangan. masing masing letak autograph entah hape hape including me. 

i took photos with them. well, as a sweet memory to be reminisced. had lots of fun. really! btw, thanks khusnul !

after this, no more stupid jokes from male friends. takde lagi borak borak dengan female friends. sob. 4 Sains 2010 and 5 Al-Jazari 2011 [kelas yang paling cikgu tension bila masuk], you guys will always be in my heart. okay i think i have gone too far. sorry berjiwang sikit malam ni. 

it's the day. the day where we become school leavers. 

kina's autograph on along's uniform

rai's autograph on dyna's tudung

it is N.F.A


25 November 2011

hidup bagai rainbow.


okay rasanya tak sempat habis spm aku dah update blog. lama sangat nak menuggu. 

oh just nak cakap best nya kalau hidup macam rainbow. tapi itu namanya drama kalau takde ups and downs. nak tengok rainbow selalu tak dapat jadi tengok ini je pun boleh.

oh by the way, this sweet tunjang girl will fly to Tokyo next week, alone. okay i am counting for the day. bawa hati gamaknya. dont worry my uncle will be at the airport to fetch his sweet little niece who travels alone straight away from Johor. 

*updated : due to some problems, i HAVE TO postpone my flight to the next two weeks and that is awful .


11 November 2011

preparation for SPM


probably this is my last post before sitting for spm. maybe la. last paper adalah biology, on 30th Nov. once dah jadi school leaver, baru update kot. okay SPM, you are too close. 

 the most trusted pencil for exams. 


05 November 2011



hey, spm is approaching so candidates, do your best in spm! last week i got 2 messages from my seniors. haloo kakak kakak, thanks for the wishes. i couldnt reply your text. sorry. okay since teachers always give modules and trial questions from other states, i have to buy some files to keep those papers and for sure i wont lost those papers like kina did. 

different colours mean different subjects. see, imma good student rite? 

and orange is for sejarah. then got another files for bi and addmaths. 

those files only cost me 50 cents. ehee. jusy buy the cheap one la tak payah bazir duit nak beringgit ringgit since it is now my final year, inshaAllah.