06 January 2012


as-salam. [i warn you, this is such a long post]

as what the title says, yes it's true. being a stepmother is totally not in my dreams. but sometimes i feel touched when they call me 'ummi'. yeahhh! at first, i was surprised. panggil jela akak. then only i know, anybody who works there has to be called 'ummi'. 

oh btw, i am a working teen [hai jo]. that's why i say imma single stepmother. meaning to say that i am working at a nursery. nak kindergarten tak dapat but it is fated. nursery! quite a tough yet a tension job. but, i can sense that some of the staffs are still wondering of my ability or should i say all of them? i'm not sure but i do have the sense. perhaps, i am still young so they think like that. 

the first few days working there, the parents asked me, 'baru ea?'. they are referring to me. am i a new worker? yes! 

first week, i'm still in my malu malu mode. but weeks after that, i just be myself. my true self. well you know, suara petir kilat semua keluar. ohhh, i just follow what kakak seniors do. diorang punya suara bukan petir lagi dah tapi macam halilintar. sampai aku pun terkejut. see! plus, the kids there already used to it. it's normal la. 

you think we only take care of 20+ kids? no! 3 times or more okay. balik rumah memang lepak. but if you think like  'apa yang penat sangat setakat bagi makan, mandi, jaga dan cebok berak tu semua?' amboiiii. tak merasa boleh la cakap macam tu. at first, i was thinking the same like that when i was first being interviewed. but hell haa, i was wrong. totally wrong! but i don't regret of getting this job though i applied to be a teacher assistant like jo. just a feeling of dismay je. but i can experience to be a mother before the real time comes and this is a new experience for me. later, bila dah jadi real mak orang, i'll used to it sebab dah ada basic. kehkehkeh.

i get to experience to cebok budak, pakaikan diaper, mandikan budak, buat susu and etc. and i think it's time for me to learn cooking because the workers here have to cook, including me. aiyoyo.

and also thanks to this job sebab i didn't love kids. but after getting used with this job, i start to like them. please take note, it's like not love. they are 2 different things okay. belum sampai tahap love lagi :)

see this. ini masa cuti sekolah dah belambak macam ni. sekarang ni dah naik sekolah lagi bertambah. ini semua kene hafal baju anak siapa. we have to! if not, tertukar then the parents will start complaining. macam kitorang jaga anak kau sorang je. [eh nada marah ke?] 

last month i was working downstairs with a partner. so, it was quite relax. but this month i have to work upstairs, alone with those naughty and stubborn kids. so it's quite challenging. most exactly 10 kids. one of them is so annoying okay. menangis all the time. and just follow me wherever i go even nak solat or buat susu pun. rimas! kadang kadang terasa nak sumbang pelempang je tapi tahan.

this is Iman. to me, she's cute. but after knowing her, ya Rabbi. degil nauzbillah. 
this is Ammar Zaim. Iman's lil brother. he's cute too. tapi dia punya degil kuasa 3 dengan kakaknya. tension!

menjaga 2 beradik ni ibarat menjaga 10 anak.

this is Hasya. macam anak cina. her mom is a teacher. btw, dia ni gembeng tau. asal mak hantar, mesti melalak. but after a few days here, she starts to demand. dia taknak ummi lain yang amik dia melainkan 'ummi ana' dia amik which is me! nak duduk berkepit jugak dengan aku. well, i'm a likeable person. hekhekhek. [stop bragging] 

this is Hawani. she's 1 year+. dia jalan kelakar. macam nak jatuh tapi biasalah, budak kecik. and she's friendly. i meant, dia tak takut orang pun. but this is the kid that i love. and another one but i don't have his picture. his name is Iman Nazran. about 11 months or something.

when i have given them their own botol susu, aku kena bentang toto suruh diorang tidur. so, while waiting for them to wake up nak bathe them, i just sleep or do something. 

searching for new words when reading book and write it inside my vocabulary book to find the meaning at home. 

i bring SKITTLES, lotion, asam, purse, notebook, vocabulary book, medicine, panadol and a bottle of water. all inside my small handbag. 

now, i should say that i need my school time back. sekarang ni, bangun lagi awal dari masa sekolah. pergi kerja lagi awal dari pergi sekolah. dulu balik pukul 3 sekarang kena balik lagi lambat. tak payahlah cakap pukul berapa. 

but despite all these, i learn how to be grateful and how hard to find money for your own self. i have to admit, job like this really need patience. for an impatient person like me, i have to learn how to be more patient than before.

after this, during daytime, i'll be a stepmother. during night time, i'll be a tutor. sukasukasuka tapi penat. takpe, a friend said that experience is much more important than money.


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